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TP-Link Archer T2U Plus | Wireless Pentesting

Rs 8,999

USB Digispark ATtiny85 – USB Rubber Ducky

Rs 1,499

ESP8266-12E Development Board – Wifi Jamming & Deauth Attacks

Rs 1,499


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People Say About Us

Hassan Mahmood

The ESP8266-12E Development Board exceeded my expectations. It’s also an invaluable tool for network security professionals. It’s helped me uncover vulnerabilities and strengthen my network defenses.

Fatima Ahmed

I’m thrilled with my purchase of the USB Digispark ATtiny85 Developing Board. As an ethical hacker, it’s essential to have reliable tools, and this board delivers. It’s compact, powerful, and perfect for my projects.

Ayesha Khan

The USB Digispark ATtiny85 Developing Board is fantastic! It’s incredibly versatile and easy to use. I’ve been able to create some amazing IoT projects with it. Highly recommended!

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